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Our Fantastic Staff commits to sharing our very-best-service when serving you our inspired, hand-chosen menu items. Our menus are like a “greatest hits” compilation of daily features. Our Executive Chef, Patrick Alberto, works with us, and his staff, to explore new culinary combinations that challenge our notions of both fine dining and comfort food.

Please ring us for any special requests at 815-965-4012. For your optimum enjoyment, reservations are suggested - that way we can have a table set up and ready for you and your guests. Octane is *Smack-Dab* in the middle of Rockford's event district, and for event nights, reservations fill up well in advance. Please call for reservations, as they optimize everyone's Happiness.

Our flexible menu allows you to “eat late”, “eat light”, “indulge”, “get away from it all”, or “celebrate”. 

Appetizers are easily shared or turned into a simple meal. 

Nacho platters and house-made salsas include in-house-made-fresh tortilla chips. Our fried garbanzo beans - choose lemon curry or cajun - are delicious hot nibbles to eat while enjoying a cool beverage. Or split the cheeseburger sliders with a friend. Or Enjoy the beef kabob (local steak!) as a light meal.  You get the idea:  options abound!

Octane's Pastas or Steaks offer a more traditional entree option.

Consider tuning in for a new twist on a classic with Octane's Modern TV Dinner:  an Eickman's flank steak with seasoned potatoes, sweet corn, and a creamy garlic herb sauce. Or try the Thai Noodles with ginger-coconut teriyaki sauce, pea pods, carrots, and broccoli over fettuccini with choice of tofu, portobella, chicken, or shrimp. Or choose the Twisted Mac&Cheese:  parmesan & bread crumb topping, from-scratch signature cheese sauce, sun-dried tomatoes, cavatappi pasta and chicken. Twisted Mac&Cheese was actually a secret menu item that became SO popular that we had to add it to the menu!

There's a reason why Octane is voted one of the Top 3 Burgers in Rockford.

It begins with our commitment to local, quality ingredients. We use local beef from Eickman's in Seward, Illinois. Our burgers are hand-pattied to a generous 8.5 ounces. We offer several signature burgers: 

•  an Atomic burger (pepperjack, jalapeño relish, chili mayo, cajun seasoning),

•  the Blue Note burger (garlic mayo, blue cheese, garlic chips, dijon mustard),

•  the Budokan burger (sautéed red onions, pineapple, ginger garlic, sweet teriyaki glaze, white cheddar, soy-sriracha mayo), and the Octane burger (pan-seared with your choice of cheese and garnishes). 

Daily features may include burger specialities, such as the Johnny Appleseed (brie, grilled onions, grilled apples, grain mustard) or Guacamole burgers (served open-faced like a wondrous hamburger-guacamole-sundae).  

Our Salads are inspired creations, not "punishments".

Be sure to check the current menu for additional salads, but these 3 top the list of favorites: 

Tuna Ponzu: delicious clean living at its best

(seared tuna steak with mixed greens, citrus-soy dressing, pickled carrots-n-cucumbers, toasted almonds, and cilantro)

Mocambo: a favorite since the very early years of Octane 

(choice of fresh pears, grilled pears, or fresh apples with dried cherries, gorgonzola, candied walnuts, and raspberry or honey balsamic vinaigrette)

Salmon Salad: such a dull name for such a delicious and outstanding dish 

(red cabbage, soy-caramelized peanuts, orange-basil dressing, carrots, scallions, and a pan-fried soy-glazed salmon steak)

Rounding out the menu are our Handhelds (sandwiches & grilled cheeses) and our Quesadillas and Taco Trios. Quesadillas & Tacos offer easy-to-enjoy favorite flavors - perfect to savor, to share, or to take home for a mid-night snack! A few notables to whet your appetite:

Hawaii 5-0 Burrito:

(grilled pineapple, pulled pork, pepperjack cheese, mozzarella, chili mayo, sweet chili sauce, jasmine rice, and a side of chips and mango salsa)

Brie Grilled Cheese: just about everything good in the world in one bite

(cherry compote, pears, Eickman's bacon, and a balsamic reduction on butter-toasted country bread)

Chicken Banh-mi: an ideal fusion of flavors

(sriracha spiced chicken sandwich with cilantro, pickled carrots, cucumbers, soy aioli, and radish on a french baguette)

Just as you "Support Local" when you choose Octane . . . we "Support Local" for our support services AND products whenever possible.  A list of our most current local food vendors and suppliers is printed on the menu.  Octane has partnered with FitMe Wellness, a locally-owned Wellness facility, to provide several menu items that fit their criteria for healthy dining choices.   The Curry Salmon bowl, with red curry, pan-fired wild salmon, jasmine rice, ginger, scallions, garlic, coconut milk, asparagus and carrots is one of the most popular FitMe items.  

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If you've dined with us previously, THANK YOU ~ we appreciate your support.  With the joyful discovery by food adventurers and the long-time patronage from our beloved regulars, Octane would not continue to be relevant and a part of the community after so many years. ENJOY!

Daniel & Michelle Minick, Owners

Patrick Alberto, Executive Chef